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An interpreter for the Brainfuck esolang, written in Scala.
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Brainfuck Interpreter

An uncompromising brainfuck interpreter in 80 lines of scala. The amount of available cells is limited only by the RAM available. Cells are 1 Byte in size. Internally, the machine's state is never mutated, every state shares the majority of its structure with the previous / next states.

How to use:

mkdir bytecode
scalac -d bytecode brainfuck.scala 
cd bytecode
scala Brainfuck ../examples/		# Or the path of another brainfuck program

Unresolvable bugs?

  • Fix input requiring a newline character to register. (This is difficult, as reading input one character at a time requires switching the console to 'raw' mode, as opposed to 'cooked' (line-by line) mode. There is no cross-platform way of doing this, hence it is not supported by Java or Scala, and I won't be implementing it for brainfuck.)
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