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Not A Web Framework - the minimalist's DOM abstraction

What is this?

NAWF lets you generate DOM nodes or HTML text from a JSON-like structure. This enables extremely lightweight pure-javascript abstraction of rendering code.

Obviously, generation of DOM nodes is only supported in the browser, but NAWF can generate HTML text in a Node.js environment, too!


npm install nawf


var nawf = require("nawf");

var doc = [
		style: {backgroundColor: "red"}
		"Hello,", "World!", 
				onclick: function() {console.log("Clicked!");}

// convert to text

// convert to DOM node


An element name is a string, or a function that produces an element name.

An attribute is a key-value pair, or a list of attributes, of a function that returns an attribute.

A node is a string, or a list in the form [<element name>, <attribute>, <node>], or a list of nodes, or nothing.

It's very important to note that these definitions are recursive. This makes the following equivalent:

var simple = [
		{type: "text", placeholder: "Type here"}

// is the same as...

var complex = [
	function() {return "div";},
		[ "input",
			[[function() {return [{type: "text"}];}],
				function() {return {placeholder: "Type here"};}

Obviously, this is contrived, and awful. The second example is useless. Here are some genuine reasons you may want functions or lists in odd places...

  • Changing attributes, element types, or children based on the context of a closure
  • Mapping over data, to produce a view
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