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Fugitive Generated with

no ads, no bullshit, real privacy

Download the chrome extension now

Have you ever dreamed about a service allowing you to create throwable links to share, without leaving some kind of dirty trail behind you?

Well, that's where Fugitive came.

In less than 3 seconds (2 on a Dvorak keyboard), you'll be able to get on the site, paste your link, press enter and finally copy the furtive link.

All the links redirect bots (Google, Facebook...) to a RickRoll and will not disclose the content of the link you share to a real person.

There is some more advanced features like time based expiration, specific number of hits to expire, a custom redirect upon expiration, and even country redirect overrides! An expired link will always be TRULLY deleted, no tracking.

We also have implemented the God Login, aka *Lognup*, a new system where you only have to set your mail to get ready to use the site with more features availables. This sent you a link that will be available only one time. No more *forgot password headache*.

And then, some gonna say that it already exists since a long time ago. Are you talking about this shitty thing? Please... Have some respect.