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Agent fty-kpi-power-uptime detects UPSes in each DC and computes uptime of the DC from changes in their status.

How to build

To build fty-kpi-power-uptime project run:

make check # to run self-test

How to run

To run fty-kpi-power-uptime project:

  • from within the source tree, run:

For the other options available, refer to the manual page of fty-kpi-power-uptime

  • from an installed base, using systemd, run:
systemctl start fty-kpi-power-uptime

Configuration file

Configuration file - fty-kpi-power-uptime.cfg - is currently ignored.

Agent has a state file stored in /var/lib/fty/fty-kpi-power-uptime/state.



fty-kpi-power-uptime has 1 actor:

  • fty-kpi-power-uptime-server: main actor

(Malamute address is "uptime" for backward compatibility reasons).

After every 100 requests, agent stores its state into the state file.


Published metrics

Agent doesn't publish any metrics.

Published alerts

Agent doesn't publish any alerts.

Mailbox requests

Agent fty-kpi-power-uptime can be requested for:

  • uptime info

Uptime info

The USER peer sends the following message using MAILBOX SEND to FTY-KPI-POWER-UPTIME-SERVER ("uptime") peer:

  • UPTIME/dc - request uptime info for datacenter 'dc'


  • '/' indicates a multipart string message
  • 'dc' MUST be name of a datacenter
  • subject of the message MUST be "UPTIME".

The FTY-KPI-POWER-UPTIME-SERVER peer MUST respond with one of the messages back to USER peer using MAILBOX SEND.

  • UPTIME/total/offline
  • ERROR/reason


  • '/' indicates a multipart frame message
  • 'total' is how long the datacenter exists (in milliseconds)
  • 'offline' is how many milliseconds at least one of its UPSes was offline
  • 'reason' is string detailing reason for error
  • subject of the message MUST be "UPTIME".

Stream subscriptions

Agent is subscribed to METRICS (for UPS status metrics) and ASSETS streams (for datacenter messages).

If agent recieves a metric, agent checks whether the UPS is protecting some datacenter.

If it does, the agent stores its status and updates total and offline time for its datacenter.

If agent receives an asset, agent checks that it's a datacenter and stores the UPSes for specified datacenter.

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