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Agent fty-metric-compute is SUBscribed on METRICS stream and computes
averages/min/max for defined time steps and PUBlish them back on a METRICS

How to build

To build fty-metric-compute project run:

make check # to run self-test

How to run

To run fty-metric-compute project:

  • from within the source tree, run:

For the other options available, refer to the manual page of fty-metric-compute

  • from an installed base, using systemd, run:
systemctl start fty-metric-compute

Configuration file

Configuration file - fty-metric-compute.cfg - is currently ignored.

Agent reads environment variable BIOS_LOG_LEVEL to set verbosity level.

Agent persists its state in the /var/lib/fty/fty-metric-compute/state.zpl



fty-metric-compute has 1 actor:

  • fty-mc-server: main actor

It also has one built-in timer, which runs at the next configured 'step',
publishes computed metrics and saves the state.


Published metrics

Agent doesn't publish any metrics.

Published alerts

Agent doesn't publish any alerts.

Mailbox requests

Agent doesn't receive any mailbox requests.

Stream subscriptions

METRICS stream

Agent is SUBscribed on METRICS stream (for now only for "realpower.default,
"average.temperature", "average.humidity" topics) . Once the time step passed, it PUBlishes a
computed value back as METRIC on the METRICS stream with the following properties:

  • subject is ${original-subject}_${type}_${step}@${asset_name}
  • there is x-cm-type field in aux stating the type
  • there is x-cm-step field in aux stating the step in [s]
  • there is x-cm-sum field in aux internal information
  • there is x-cm-count field in aux how many measurements where processed in that interval
  • there is time field in aux stating the start of computation (UNIXTIME in UTC)

ASSETS stream

Agent is SUBscribed on ASSETS stream. Once it receives any "delete" or "retire" ASSET
message it will drop all computations for that asset.

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