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Typesafe node.js for Haxe
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noxe is a fully type-safe node.js wrapper for Haxe. The API is close to the node.js API as possible, while trying to type safe as possible.

Current state

This repository should be considered as alpha quality. It does not contain all node modules and not everything is properly tested. The missing modules will be added one after another, but if you need something feel free to add it on your own (The autobuild folder contains some helper scripts) or let us know.

Planned features

  • Add missing node modules
  • More documentation
  • Tools for compiling and integration of npm
  • Wrap node.js/noxe API into Haxe API to make it more compatible, e.g Buffer ->, Streams ->


A simple "Hello World" HTTP Server:

class Test {
    static function main() {
        noxe.http.HTTP.createServer(function(request, response) {
            response.writeHead(200, {'Content-Type': 'text/plain'});
            response.writeString('Hello World\n');
        }).listen(3000, "localhost");
        Console.log("Server running at");

If you are not familiar with the node.js API: node.js API Documentation


This repository ships with 5 simple examples:

  1. A simple webserver which just responds with "Hello World"
  2. A simple webserver which serves files from the "www" subdirectory
  3. A simple webserver which just responds with "Hello World", but this time using events instead of callbacks
  4. An example how to use EventEmitter for custom events
  5. A TCP server which response with what you send him (use telnet to test)

Prepare to use/test

Make sure you have the tinkerbell git submodule checked out.

git submodule update --init --recursive

Noxe currently does not work with tinkerbell from haxelib so you need to use the one from the repository. When using noxe make sure you have the noxe/src and the noxe/tinkerbell/src in your classpath.

This repository is tested with:

  • Haxe 2.10
  • node.js 0.6.19 (but should work with node.js > 0.6.3)
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