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Mate Devel

Dev's Little Helpers for Drupal 7

Drush commands

Reset User Password

Change Users Pass : Sets a password to all users, ideally to be used after import a production database to set the user password and access with an admin user to work in developments environments.

Usage :

drush nrp new_pass

By default drush nrp sets the password to 123

Get remotes files

Download files from other server, ideally to get production files for locals environments.


drush grf

There is more parameters for networks with proxies.

Delete all content

Deletes all content for a given content type o for all


drush dc type

Set module schema version

Sets the version number of a module schema to an specific version, ideally used to set the version when you are creating a hook_update and need to test it and rollback several times.

Usage :

drush ssv my_module 7XXX

Run Compass commands in the active theme.

We work a lot with AT Themes and we love sass and compass, but we hate the need to go to the folder theme to run compass commands every time that we need to do some change in the sass files.

That is why we have added this command to run compass commands in your active theme.

Requirement : You need to have compass binary in your path, by default is in /usr/bin/compass, to change it use variable_set to set the value of mate_compass_path variable with your path.

Usage :

drush compass compile

Get Production Database

Get a database of production is usually a pain, to get a backup we provide a page callback that receives a secret key, that is set with variable_set called mate_devel_key, and this callback makes a dump of the database using backup_migrate module and does an echo of the dump to send it back as response of the request.

Set the mate_devel_key

drush vset mate_devel_key 'SUPERKEY'

Whit the module enabled you can do in the console

curl -sS > backup.sql

Be aware of the security concerns of this features if you need to use it. For large database this module is not a good fit, don't use it.

More Ideas

Are welcome :)