Upcycling Nixie tube stuff with IoT
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Combining Nixie tube technology with IoT

  • Providing vintage style Nixie tube clock suitability for daily use.
  • Building of a basis for testing and demonstrating IoT stuff using the ESP8266 in conjunction with the Arduino library.
  • Open documentation allows designing of individual boxes, using of miscellaneous Nixie tubes, software and so forth within your own handicraft work.


The firmware can be found in the Arduino folder. Compilation was tested under Arduino.cc. You might use the libraries found in the library folder. At least you will need the NixieClock software. DS1307RTC, Time-master, and Timezone-master are available in their unimproved versions from Arduino and are assumed to be yet part of your Arduino standard software installation. When using the Arduino build system you can use any version you like without problems.

When using Arduino Eclipse plugins you will get into trouble caused by the redirection of the standard c-header file Time.h that was done in Time-master. This strange hijacking of the original time.h is responsible for wrecking the build process of the ESP8266 core arduino.ar. So Eclipse users will likely use my modified versions of DS1307RTC, Time-master, and Timezone-master where I removed the annoying redirection and detaching of standard headers.

Furthermore there are the two Arduino sketch folders Nixie4 and Nixie6. Nixie4 is the firmware used by our 4 tube prototype; Nixie6 is used by our 6 tube prototype.

Prototype with 4 ИН-1 Nixie tubes

Prototype ИН-1 Nixie clock

This clock is an implementation with 4 ИН-1 Nixie tubes.

Prototype with 6 ИН-12А Nixie tubes

Prototype ИН-12А Nixie clock

Hardware Description

Beware of electric shock!

Beware of electric shock!

Beware of electrical safety hazards!

The Nixie tubes are fired at approx 200 Volt! There is definitely a danger of hazardous voltage given! Never think of working on the Nixie hardware when you are not educated in doing work with hazardous voltages!

The hardware description is given in EAGLE format and a PDF-file.