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mattertee works like tee command (and inspired by slacktee Instead of writing the standard input to files, mattertee posts it to your mattermost installation


Binaries will be found [here] (https://github.com/42wim/matterstuff/releases/)


Make sure you have Go properly installed, including setting up your [GOPATH] (https://golang.org/doc/code.html#GOPATH)

go get github.com/42wim/matterstuff/mattertee

You should now have mattertee binary in the bin directory:

$ ls bin/


On the command line

Usage of ./mattertee:
  -c string
         Post input values to specified channel or user.
  -i string
        This url is used as icon for posting.
  -l string
        Specify the language used for syntax highlighting (ruby/python/...).
  -m string
        Mattermost incoming webhooks URL.
  -n    Post input values without buffering.
  -p    Don't surround the post with triple backticks.
  -u string
        This username is used for posting. (default "mattertee")
  -x    Add extra info (user/hostname/timestamp).

Configuration files

Mattertee will also read from configuration files in order. Later files can (partially) override earlier files.

On Linux: /etc/mattertee.conf, $HOME/.mattertee.conf

On Windows: $HOMEDIR/.mattertee.conf

On all OSes, a file '.mattertee.conf' in the current directory will be read too.

The files (if present) should be yaml-formatted; eg.:

username: thisisme
channel: mychannel
icon_url: http://..../image.png
matter_url: http://mattermost.at.my.domain/hooks/hookid
title: Some title
language: ruby
plain_text: true
no_buffer: false
extra: true

Command line options will still override anything set in the configuration files.

Using environment variables

You can also set MM_HOOK containing your mattermost incoming webhook URL as an enviroment variable.

export MM_HOOK=https://yourmattermost/hooks/webhookkey


uptime | mattertee -c off-topic -x -m https://yourmattermost/hooks/webhookkey

or if you've set MM_HOOK environment variable:

uptime | mattertee -c off-topic -x


cat test.rb |mattertee -c off-topic -l ruby


examples (taken from slacktee)

If you'd like to post the output of ls command, you can do it like this.

ls | mattertee

To post the output of tail -f command line by line, use -n option.

tail -f foobar.log | mattertee -n

You can specify channel, username, iconurl too.

ls | mattertee -c "general" -u "mattertee" -i "http://myimage.png"

Of course, you can connect another command with pipe.

ls | mattertee | email "ls" foo@example.com