ipv6 firewall (netfilter) module for registrator (https://github.com/gliderlabs/registrator/)
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This is a module for registrator (https://github.com/gliderlabs/registrator/)


To build your version of registrator with this module. Make sure you have Go properly installed, including setting up your GOPATH

Next, run

$ cd $GOPATH
$ go get github.com/gliderlabs/registrator
$  src/github.com/gliderlabs/registrator/modules.go

Edit the file $GOPATH/src/github.com/gliderlabs/registrator/modules.go
Add the following line to the import path of modules.go

 _ "github.com/42wim/registrator-netfilter"

Run go get again (will fetch the code from github.com/42wim/registrator-netfilter)

$ go get

You will now have a "registrator" binary in $GOPATH/bin



When using IPv6 containers, the NAT is gone and your container and ports are by default reachable. You can use this module to firewall those.

If no chain/set is specified, it will default to netfilter://FORWARD_direct/containerports

This module does on initialization:

  • creates an ipset (http://ipset.netfilter.org) called (hash:ip,port)
  • appends a rule to chain that allows <ip,port> addresses in a set to be forwarded to the container.
  • appends a rule to chain that will drop packets going to the docker0 device.

Or in actual commands

/usr/sbin/ipset create <myset> hash:ip,port family inet6
/usr/sbin/ip6tables -A <mychain> -o docker0 -m set --match-set <myset> dst,dst -j ACCEPT
/usr/sbin/ip6tables -A <mychain> -o docker0 -j DROP

When an IPv6 service gets registered:

  • the container <ip,port> will be added to and access to this port will be allowed.
  • icmpv6 echo request will also be allowed so that you can ping the container

Or in actual commands

/usr/sbin/ipset add <myset> <ip,proto:port>
/usr/sbin/ipset add <myset> <ip,icmpv6:128/0>

When the service gets deregistered, the access will be removed.

Firewalld support

The module will communicate with firewalld when detected.
The default FORWARD_direct chain would be a good chain to use with firewalld


  • You need the iptables (v1.4.21+) and ipset (v6.19+) packages
  • ipset and ip6tables are expected to be found in /usr/sbin