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weepeetv.lua is a simple screenscaper perl script which logs in on the WeepeeTV site and creates an XML containing the necessary m3u8 stream URLS.

This XML can be used to feed other applications on your local network e.g. for use with VLC (see weepeetv.lua)

it now also creates a mythtv compatible playlist (thanks to @stevencruysberg)

The xml file format is as follows:

<?xml version='1.0'?>

The mythtv format is as follows:

#EXTINF:0,1 - channel1
#EXTINF:0,2 - channel2

More information about mythtv setup (dutch) see


JSON needed


To run the script change the variables on top of

## change these variables
my $ACCOUNT="uxxxxxx";
my $PASSWORD="secret";
my $CURL="/usr/bin/curl";
my $XMLFILE="wptv.xml";
my $MYTHTVFILE="mythtv_playlist.m3u";
#choose the channelnumber from which weepeetv will start


weepeetv.lua is addon for VLC which uses the wptv.xml created by


Change the url to your webserver containing wptv.xml

local tree = simplexml.parse_url("http://yourserver.url/wptv.xml")

Put the file in the lua/sd directory of your vlc install. To access it go to View - Playlist - Internet - WeePee TV

See for more info

with you can record weepeetv streams.


ffmpeg (a version compiled with --enable-gnu-tls for the https streams) at (standard linux available) XML::Simple (and for creating the needed xml input file)

how it works

Basically it will create a small shell script in /tmp which will be queued as an at job at the time you specified. This script will be executed at the specified time and will be calling ffmpeg to save the stream to a .mkv file in the outputdirectory you've specified.


To run the script change the variables on top of

#make sure your ffmpeg supports https
my $FFMPEG="/usr/bin/ffmpeg-weepeetv";
my $ATCMD="/usr/bin/at";
#locations of xml source file
my $XMLFILE="wptv.xml";
#where to write the recordings
my $OUTPUTDIR="/opt/recordings";
#installation directory
my $PATH="/home/wim/wptvscraper";

usage --start=<time date> --duration <hh:mm:ss> --desc <description> --channel <name>

e.g.  perl --start=15:00 tomorrow --duration 00:30:00 --desc "crappy show" --channel een
records 30 minutes starting tomorrow at 15h on channel 'een'

<time date> can be anything 'at' supports, see 'man at'

Other options:
        --channels (shows available channels)

Contact: @42wim