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What's New:
1 Experimental Real-Time Save feature.

Important Notice for Real-Time Save feature
This is an experimental feature and have some limits in current version:
1 For most games, save/load must be started in the game scene, do not save/load in movies, menus, etc.
2 The real-time savegame is only valid in current instance of game, the savegame won't be loadable after the game was closed or console was turned off.
3 Load/save must be performed in the Home Menu while the game is paused, do not return to game until the operation is finished. (it may take about 30 seconds)
4 Some games are totally incompatible with this feature.

Installation guide (BootNTR):
1 Install the BootNTR.cia in Sysnand or Emunand, copy the ntr.bin into the sd card.
2 Execute the BootNTR application in home menu then it will boots NTR CFW.

The latest BootNTR build: