Video Streaming

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Known issues

  1. In some circumstances the in-game plugin will fail to load after video streaming has been activated. If you need to active any other in-game plugins, it is recommended to start the video streaming after the game is loaded and paused in the home menu (by pressing the HOME button).

  2. Closing the lid or switch to another game when video streaming was active, will cause console hangs. So do not close the lid or switch to another game when the video streaming was active.

Setting up WiFi AP

The video streaming feature requires a high-quality WiFi network for the best experience.

Please setup your WiFi AP with the following instructions:

  1. It is recommended to set-up your AP on a WiFi router. Most USB WiFi dongles will result a bad quality streaming.

  2. Connect your PC and WiFi router with LAN cable or 5GHz WiFi network. Do not connect your PC and router with 2.4GHz WiFi because it may conflict with 3DS's connection.

  3. Set an appropriate channel for WiFi AP. The video streaming could conflict on the same channel in neighborhood, try to use 1, 6 or 11 channels for the best quality.

  4. Take a look at the quality of NTRViewer. When the NTRViewer started, it will print its quality and fps messages periodically on the console. The quality should be higher than 90% for an average quality, and if the quality is lower than 80% for most of the times, try move your console, increase the radio power on router, or change the channel setting.

  5. Wifi AP should be connected to Internet or configure 3DS with FakeProxy. 3DS will disconnect the WiFi AP if no internet connection was detected. It could be avoided by starting FakeProxy on the PC using START.bat. Set proxy address to your PC's IP address, and proxy port to 3000 on your 3DS. You should also allow traffic through TCP port 3000 in your PC's firewall, even though the FakeProxy itself does not require any internet connection.

  6. Be careful with auto-update. 3DS will download update packages automatically when connected to Internet. If you don't want your 3DS to be updated automatically, you can either block the update connections on the router, or set up the FakeProxy.

How to activate video streaming

  1. .Net Framework 4 is required for NTR Debugger.

  2. Configure the Windows Firewall to allow listen on TCP port 3000 and UDP port 8001.

  3. Start NTR Debugger (ntrclient.exe) and NTR Viewer.

  4. Install BootNTR and copy ntr.bin to sdcard, start NTR CFW, there are many tutorials for doing that.

  5. Press X and Y at the same time on your 3DS, move the cursor using your d-pad, select Enable Debugger and press A.

  6. On NTR Debugger, type connect('192.168.X.XXX', 8000) and press enter to connect. 192.168.X.XXX should be replaced with your 3DS's IP address.

  7. Type remoteplay() and press enter.

  8. Now you should be able to see the live game screen in NTRViewer. Adjust your WiFi AP settings if the quality does not satisfy you.


NTR Debugger

The remoteplay() command in NTR Debugger have some arguments:

  • priorityMode (Defaults to 0): Controls which screen has the priority to be transferred. 0 for the top screen, and 1 for the bottom screen.
  • priorityFactor (Defaults to 5): Controls the priority promoted screen's frame-rate factor. When it is set to 1, the top screen have same frame-rate with bottom. When set to 0, only the screen set by priorityMode will be displayed.
  • quality (Defaults to 90): Controls the JPEG compression quality (Ranged from 1 to 100; from 1 being lowest quality to 100 for highest quality).
  • qosValue (Defaults to 20.0): Limits the bandwidth to work on different wireless environments, the actual bandwidth cost could be lower than this value. Set to 25, 30 or higher on good wireless environment, set to 15 if the WiFi quality is not so good. Set qosValue higher than 100 will disable the QoS feature.


remoteplay(priorityMode = 0, priorityFactor = 5, quality = 90, qosValue = 20)


The NTRViewer.exe has some command-line options:

-l 1    Set Upper-Down layout.
-l 0    Set Left-Right layout.
-t 1.00 Set top screen scale factor.
-b 1.00 Set bottom screen scale factor.


NTRViewer.exe -l 1 -t 1.0 -b 0.5


Some game disables Wi-Fi connection after it has started, which can cause the Wi-Fi to disconnect.

If this is the case, use the following command according to the firmware version of your 3ds in NTR Debugger before start the game:

Firmware <= 11.3:

write(0x0105AE4, (0x70, 0x47), pid=0x1a)

Firmware = 11.4:

write(0x00105B00, (0x70, 0x47), pid=0x1a)

This will also prevent 3DS re-connecting a previously-disconnected Wi-Fi AP.

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