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Voice, SMS & MMS for developers.

Welcome to our developer friendly API service! :-)

We make it easy for you to add custom telephony features that are perfectly suited to the way you do things – because sometimes ‘off the shelf’ just doesn't cut it.

You can use 46elks for:

  • Sending SMS text messages
  • Receiving SMS to your applications
  • Sending & receiving MMS pictures
  • Controlling incoming and outgoing telephone calls with code
  • Building interactive voice sessions
  • And other telephony features.



  1. Create your 46elks account and locate your api keys.
  2. Send your first SMS from the dashboard or with curl (see below).
  3. Send an SMS code using one of our code examples.
  4. Learn more about what you can do by reading the documentation.

Send your first SMS with curl

Use your api keys and run this in your terminal:

curl \
  -u <api_username>:<api_password> \
  -d from=CurlyElk \
  -d to=+46766861004 \
  -d message="Test message to your phone."


Code examples

All code examples are public domain and can be used freely.

C - C# | .NET - Elixir - Go - Google apps - haskell - HTML - PHP - Python - Ruby - Java - Node.js - cURL

Build an interactive voice menu or response (IVR)

IVR samples collection.

Show all coding examples for all languages



Modules, SDKs and libraries


Have you written a tutorial or created an app that you're willing to share? Let us know at!


If there is an integration that you could benefit from please get in touch.


Are you helping others learn how to code? Doing a workshop or a lesson on APIs? Get in touch if you'd like to use the 46elks API to help more people learn about APIs.



We are keen on helping out, and we'd be happy to help you with preparations, mentoring and give away boosted credit packages for participants. Talk to us. We're also particularily interested in helping events and organizations working with teaching coding to beginners, initiatives that encourage diversity in IT, and among conferences. We enjoy meetups, let us know if you’d like for someone to come and hold a presentation about APIs - getting started with apis, how to send an sms in PHP/Python/Elixir/Ruby/Go or another language - we love to learn and share! We exist to help you build useful and cool things!

Contact 46elks
Twitter: @46elks
Instagram: @46elks