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@purrgrammer purrgrammer released this Feb 27, 2019 · 10 commits to master since this release

The 1.0.0 release of Fetch is a redesign of the library in terms of cats-effect abstractions. It's a backwards-incompatible release that introduces numerous breaking changes as well as a couple of new features. It now should be easier to use and require less work from the user of the library, especially when you are already using cats-effect.

Breaking changes

  • Introduced the Data typeclass to identify requests to a data source
  • Redesigned DataSource to take an extra F[_] type parameter
    • Renamed fetchOne to fetch and fetchMany to batch
    • Data sources now can be implicitly constructed
    • Automatic parallel implementation of DataSource#batch in terms of ConcurrentEffect[F]
  • Removed FetchMonadError, a Fetch is now interpreted to a ConcurrentEffect
  • Removed Query, a data source now returns a F that has an implicit ConcurrentEffect[F]
  • Renamed DataSourceCache to DataCache, it now takes a Data instance as a parameter for insert and lookup and is parameterised to F
  • Renamed Env to Log

New features

  • Introduced Fetch#optional, an alternative to Fetch#apply for optional fetches
  • Different Data Sources now can have the same identity and result types

API changes

  • Fetch#run now requires a Timer[F] and ContextShift[F] from cats-effect
  • Fetch#apply no longer requires an implicit DataSource and must be passed explicitly
  • Renamed Fetch#runEnv to Fetch#runLog
  • Fetch#traverse, Fetch#sequence, Fetch#join & Fetch#collect deleted in favor of using cats typeclass ops


  • Proof-of-concept Redis cache implementation of DataCache (#161)
  • Removed Monix, Future and Twitter Future subprojects, most of them should work with cats-effect abstractions already
  • GrapQL query interpreter example (#178)
  • Example using Monix Scheduler and Task to run fetches (#178)
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