Easily create a webpage with your organization's open source projects
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Easily create a webpage with your organization's open source projects


org is a Clojure(Script) project that allows you to quickly bootstrap a website with your organization's open source projects. It generates a prerendered static website with all the repository information, as well as fetching the latest data and updating itself when the user visits the page.

Creating your own site

First and foremost, ensure you have Leiningen and Sass installed.

Clone the repository

Clone this repository to a local directory (my-org in our example):

$ git clone https://github.com/47deg/org.git my-org
$ cd my-org

You'll want to configure the repo to point at your organization repo:

$ git remote rm origin
$ git remote add origin https://github.com/my-org/my-org.github.io.git

Since organization pages must be the content of the master branch, you may want to create another branch for hosting the "raw" website:

$ git checkout -b raw
$ git push -u origin raw

Edit the configuration

For creating your own site you simple have to provide a configuration file under resources/config.edn. The file uses edn syntax and its pretty straightforward, here is an example with the defaults:

{:organization "47deg"
 :logo {:src "img/logo.png"
        :href "http://47deg.com"}
 :links [{:text "Blog" :href "http://47deg.com/blog"}
         {:text "Contact" :href "mailto:hello@47deg.com"}]
 :social {:twitter "47deg"
          :facebook "47degreesLLC"}
 :languages #{"Scala" "Clojure" "Java" "Swift"}
 :included-projects #{"macroid"
 :project-logos {"fetch" "https://rawgit.com/47deg/microsites/cdn//fetch/navbar_brand.png"
                 "mvessel" "https://rawgit.com/47deg/microsites/cdn//mvessel/navbar_brand.png"
                 "github4s" "https://rawgit.com/47deg/microsites/cdn//github4s/navbar_brand.png"
                 "scalacheck-datetime" "https://rawgit.com/47deg/microsites/cdn//scalacheck-datetime/navbar_brand.png"}
 :token-name "an-env-variable-with-a-github-api-key"
 :analytics "a-google-analytics-token"
 :footer {:acknowledgment true}
 :style {:primary-color "#F44336"
         :header {:background "linear-gradient(0deg, rgba(30, 39, 53, 0.88), rgba(30, 39, 53, 0.88)), url(\"../img/header-background.jpg\") no-repeat center center"}
         :font {:url "https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Open+Sans:300,400,600,700|Poppins:300,400"
                :base "'Open sans', sans-serif"
                :headings "'Poppins', sans-serif"
                :sizes {:light 300
                        :regular 400
                        :semi-bold 600
                        :bold 700}}}}

Let's break it down:

  • :organization is the name of your org in GitHub
  • :organization-name is the human-readable name of your org. :organization will be used if not provided.
  • :logo is a map with the source URL (:src) of your org logo and where it should link to (:href), optionally with the styles for the img tag (:style)
  • :links is a vector with maps that containt link text (:text) and href (:href)
  • :social is a map for specifying the handles in different social networks
  • :twitter contains your organization's Twitter handle (without the @)
  • :facebook contains your organization's Facebook handle
  • :linkedin contains your LinkedIn handle
  • :languages is the set with the languages you are interested in filtering by
  • :included-projects is the set with the projects you are interested in having on the site
  • :extra-repos allows you to add extra repos out of the org (maps with :user and :repo)
  • :project-logos is a map from project names to the URL where their logo can be found, libraries without logos will show a placeholder
  • :token-name is a string with the name of an environment variable containing a GitHub token required to use the GitHub API
  • :style is a map with style configuration
  • :primary-color sets the primary color of the webpage
  • :header controls the styles of the header, only :background is supported for now
  • :font configures different CSS font settings such as the URL and the heading or base typographies
  • :footer is for settings related to the footer
  • :acknowledgment is a boolean flag for toggling the "by 47 Degrees" acknowledgment in the footer
  • :analytics is an optional string containing a Google analytics token

Preview your site

After editing the configuration, you can preview the site by running

$ lein figwheel

and pointing your browser to localhost:3449.

Build your site

You can create the static site under the docs directory by running:

$ lein run

After that, you may want to publish the docs directory to a branch so its served by GitHub. Assuming you want to push the docs directory as the content of the master branch, you can do:

git subtree push --prefix docs origin master

Congratulations, you just built your organization's open source project site!

SASS compilation

For compiling the SASS styles into CSS, run the following command at the root of the directory:

sass sass/style.scss:resources/public/style.css

If you want sass to be automatically recompiled when modifying .scss files add the --watch flag:

sass --watch sass/style.scss:resources/public/style.css


Copyright © 2014 FIXME

Distributed under the Eclipse Public License either version 1.0 or (at your option) any later version.