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Genitive After Adjectives.accord
Genitive After Nouns.accord
Genitive After Prepositions.accord
Genitive After Verbs.accord
Independent Nominatives.accord
Nominative Oblique Cases.accord
Nominative Simple Apposition.accord
Nominative Subject.accord
Overview - Wallace Constructs.accord
Predicate Nominative.accord
Wallace Syntax Constructs.acc7


Wallace's Greek Grammar Beyond the Basics Explored in Accordance Greek Syntax

These files are my collection of Accordance (Holmstedt-style) syntax queries and notes. The workspaces can go anywhere you like. I personally put mine in a subdirectory of my Accordance Files directory called Wallace Syntax.

The User Tool, Wallace Syntax Constructs.acc7 should go into your User Tools directory under the Accordance Files directory. Note also that the User Tool has file:// links to open the workspaces. These must be updated to work in your own Accordance environment if you wish to be able to open the workspaces by clicking on the link in the tool. You can of course alternatively just open them manually.