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CodeExport is unlikely to receive further updates. I have improved the design while making it more flexible and published as the VC_Framework component.



The CodeExport component facilitates automatic export of all methods in a 4D host database to text files on disk. If the host database is under revision control, these text files are suitable for committing to the repository, thus giving the developer to ability to track changes to methods over time. Most importantly, the CodeExport component is designed to have zero impact on the host database. There is no startup code to install and nothing to configure.


  • The components folder contains the interpreted component suitable for installation in any 4D v13 database.
  • The matrix folder contains the component source code.
  • The doc folder contains documentation about the component.


If you modify the matrix database, you should build a new component. To build a new component, execute the CE_BLD_Build method from the matrix database.

Known Issues

20120816 - Non-unique form object Object Names will cause METHOD GET CODE to fail with the error -9768, "Invalid object path: {path}". 4D does not allow non-unique Object Names in a given form, but this issue can occur via conversion from older versions. The solution is to make all of the Object Names unique (this can be automated). CodeExport should take this into account but I'm not sure how yet. Right now this errror disables the export, which is not good. But I don't want to ignore -9768 either because it is a legitimate error. I have filed a feature request for a unique error code in this situation.