4D component to facilitate creating interpreted components.
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Interpreted Build v13 (BLD.4dbase)


This component is unlikely to receive further updates. There are v14 features I would like to take advantage of. So future development will be happening in the v14 component only.


The BLD component facilitates automatic building of interpreted 4D components. 4D's built-in build feature only supports the creation of compiled components. Of course, "building" an interpreted component is really just a file copy but this component takes care of some other actions that might be referred to as "build automation":

  • Launched from within 4D.
  • Remove previous build.
  • Copy Resources and Macros to output folder, if any.
  • Simple versioning system based on the Design Object Access "stamp".


  • The Components folder contains the interpreted component "BLD.4dbase" suitable for installation in any 4D v13 database.
  • The Plugins folder contains the required "MISC I" plug-in.
  • The matrix folder contains the component source code.


You must install both the "BLD.4dbase" component and "MISC I" plug-in in your database order for the build to work correctly.

IMPORTANT NOTE: you must install the component in the Components folder, aliases are not supported.

Execute the shared method "BLD_Build" to build your project.

If you modify the matrix database, you should build a new component. To build a new component, execute the BLD_Build method from within the matrix database (MISC I is already installed in the matrix database).

If you would like to link this component in a 4D project managed on github, consider dropping git and using SVN Externals (I'm not joking).