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Full Stack Engineer

Roman Malkevych

Roman Malkevych


JavaScript ( Node, Express, React, Redux, GraphQL, Angular,, Ajax, AWS, Microservices, Stripe, Cloud-services, D3, Swagger,); TypeScript, HTML/CSS; Docker; D3.js; fmpeg; Web3.Js Google Cloud Platform; Google Cloud &Firebase:(App Engine, Kubernetes, Firebase functions)

PostgreSQL/MySQL/MongoDB/Elasticsearch/Redis; Python (Django); Firestore


Frontend Developer at 4ire Labs development using JavaScript, PureScript and related frameworks

Frontend/Backend Development on on-going project Smart Document

Domain: Legal

Country: Netherlands

Duration: ( 4 years, 2 months)

Type: web development

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Released projects:

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Russian - Native;

Ukrainian - Native;

English- Upper-Intermediate.

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