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Encoding seed phrase to the picture (steganography)

Challenge: How might we ease up private key storing for cryptowallet users?

End goal: users can recover their private keys without the need to memorize or store them.

Sprint Questions:

  • Can we make a seamless process on the mobile?
  • How secure would be such a solution?
  • How open are users for new options?

Problem Research

Customer Journey

Needs Hypotheses

  • User want easier backup of their seed phrases securely

Existent Alternatives

  • Write down the key/phrase
  • Custodian approach
  • Hard wallets integration
  • Contacts Recovery (Gnosis SAFE)
  • Knowledge Based Authentication
  • Biometry

{% hint style="info" %} Knowledge Based Authentication (Steganography) is comparably better than other alternatives {% endhint %}

Product Definition

A service/library that encodes the key into a picture/set of pictures at the wallet setup phase.


Visual cryptography is a cryptographic technique which allows visual information (pictures, text, etc.) to be encrypted in such a way that the decrypted information appears as a visual image.

The idea: Use image-based steganography and optional password to backup your seed phrase The rationale: The offline backup is proven to be fragile to a human factor errors. The hardware may crash. The ideal backup:

  • is stored on many devices and cloud
  • may be visible to public

There is only one asset that we all have that satisfies those conditions. Photo.

You may take a family picture that everybody has and encode your seed phrase with or without password. Send photo and feel safe.


iOS App demo

{% embed url="" %}

Test with users


  • How many crypto wallets you use?
  • How do you store key phrases?
  • How often do you recover?
  • How convenient is it?
  • Have you ever lost the they?

*Test goes here*

A library for wallets that allows saving the seed phrase into local stored photos

Quick demo


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