Server Install

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You install 4Space on a server just like any other mod! This is just a brief overview on how to install mods on a server if you haven't installed any other mods before.

You first create a folder somewhere on your computer, this is where the server will be saved remember its location it will be needed later in the tutorial. Then go to to and download the latest Forge 1.7.10 installer, run it and use server install select the folder you just made and forge will set up your server.

Run the Forge Server.jar (or what ever it is named for you), this will setup the mods folder and the world, delete the world folders after you have stopped the server.

Next you have to download Galacticraft Core, Planets and MicdoodleCore you can get them here: then download 4Space from the website.

Once you have them go into your server mods folder and copy in those files downloaded earlier.

Run the server and everything should work fine, if it crashes and it says something about galacticraft get help here: If it crashes and says something about 4Space get help here:

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