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  Code Repository is a major Geocaching website in Germany. This repository contains the website's code, including all third-party libraries needed to run it. It is one of two major Opencaching code forks; the other one is Feel free to use it under the provided license terms for setting up your own open and free Geocaching listing service! The code can easily be translated to other languages.

Your contributions to this project are welcome - you may contact the team in the Opencaching network forum if you like to join us. Development is usually done on a VirtualBox Linux system that you can run on your Linux, Windows or Mac workstation, but you may also try to set up the code directly on your Linux machine.

This repo contains three branches:

  • the stable branch with current production code
  • the master branch, basis of all development, which contains code that will be released with the next site update
  • the next branch with experimental features to be tested.

The next branch is now and then resetted to master state and rebuilt from there, so do not derive any working-branches from it. Use master instead.

Major site updates are version-tagged. See the changelog for a detailed list.


Contributing code to is easy:

  • Sign up to Github and install Git,
  • create a personal fork of this repository using the Fork button above,
  • clone the fork to your development machine,
  • create a feature branch based on master,
  • edit and commit code,
  • push your feature branch to your fork and issue a pull request.

Your code will be reviewed, eventually merged to master and put online with the next site update. Small changes may be directly released via stable branch.

To update your working copy, add this repo as upstream ...

... and regularly update your clone:

  • git checkout master
  • git pull upstream

NEVER use pull on a feature branch, but pull to master and then rebase the feature branch on master:

  • git checkout feature-branch
  • git rebase master

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