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An open-source and cross-platform app for the Hue lighting system from Philips - built on Electron.
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An open-source and cross-platform app for the Hue Lighting System from Philips - built on Electron.

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While there are many mobile-apps available for the lighting system from Philips, only few "traditional" desktop-apps can be found.

Since most of these desktop-apps are closed-source and only available for Windows / Mac, I've decided to create an open-source app which will run on all popular systems; including Linux.

Also this is my first Electron-app; so it served as some kind of playground for me. 😉


The current feature-set includes:

  • easy management of ...
    • bridges
    • users
    • lights
    • groups
    • (scenes)
    • (sensors)
  • quick-actions (set state/color/brightness with one mouse-click)
  • show detailed information about each light/group


huElectron is still at an early development stage; the following features will be implemented in future releases:

  • manage schedules
  • manage rules
  • manage portal services
  • implement discovery of new lights
  • implement discovery of new new sensors
  • enhance bridge-management (zigbeeChannel, proxyPort, timeZone, etc.)
  • enhance sensor-management (type, virtual sensor creation, etc.)
  • enhance scene-management

Oh, and although I've tried to make the app look somewhat decent by extensively using Bootstrap, of course there's always room for improvement/beautification. So any help/contribution from web-design-wizards is highly welcome. 😃


Prebuilt binaries for all target platforms can be found in the releases-section of this repository.

Build It Yourself

  • Clone the repository:

    git clone
  • Change directory:

    cd huElectron
  • Install dependencies:

    npm install
  • Now either ...

    • build the app for Linux, Mac, and Windows:

      npm run build

      (The freshly compiled binaries can then be found in the dist-folder.)

    • or just start it right away:

      npm start


✉️ Achim Seufert


Please read the license file.

Developed with The best Java IDE

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