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4chan API


Welcome to 4chan's read-only JSON API documentation.

JSON representations of threads and indexes are exposed at the following URLs:

http(s):// (1 is main index)

A JSON representation of all thread OPs (and the replies shown on indexes) from an individual board can be found at the following URL:


A list of thread IDs, their modification times, and respective pages can be found here:


A list of archived thread IDs can be found here:


A list of boards is exposed at the following URL:


CORS is supported with an origin of http(s)://

Supported request methods are: GET, HEAD, OPTIONS

Questions? Please e-mail

This guide was last updated January 28, 2017.

API Rules

  1. Do not make more than one request per second.
  2. Thread updating should be set to a minimum of 10 seconds, preferably higher.
  3. Use If-Modified-Since when doing your requests.
  4. Make API requests using the same protocol as the app. Only use SSL when a user is accessing your app over HTTPS.
  5. More to come later...

API Terms of Service

  1. You may not use "4chan" in the title of your application, product, or service.
  2. You may not use the 4chan name, logo, or brand to promote your application, product, or service.
  3. You must disclose the source of the information shown by your application, product, or service as 4chan, and provide a link.
  4. You may not market your application, product, or service as being "official" in any way.
  5. You may not clone 4chan or its existing features/functionality. Example: Don't suck down our JSON, host it elsewhere, and throw ads around it.
  6. These terms are subject to change without notice.

Posts Object

attribute value description possible values example value
no integer Post number 1-9999999999999 9001
resto integer Reply to 0 (is a thread OP), 1-9999999999999 0
sticky integer Stickied thread? 0 (no), 1 (yes) 1
closed integer Closed thread? 0 (no), 1 (yes) 1
archived integer Archived thread? 0 (no), 1 (yes) 1
archived_on integer Time when archived UNIX timestamp 1344571233
now string Date and time MM/DD/YY(Day)HH:MM (:SS on some boards), EST/EDT timezone 08\/08\/12(Wed)01:11
time integer UNIX timestamp UNIX timestamp 1344570123
name string Name text moot
trip string Tripcode text (format: !tripcode!!securetripcode) !Ep8pui8Vw2
id string ID text (8 characters), Mod, Admin, Manager, Developer, Founder Admin
capcode string Capcode none, mod, admin, admin_highlight, manager, developer, founder admin
country string Country code text (2 characters, ISO 3166-1 alpha-2), XX (unknown) XX
country_name string Country name text Unknown
sub string Subject text This is a subject
com string Comment text (includes escaped HTML) This is a comment
tim integer Renamed filename UNIX timestamp + milliseconds 1344402680740
filename string Original filename text OPisa
ext string File extension .jpg, .png, .gif, .pdf, .swf, .webm .jpg
fsize integer File size 0-10485760 2500
md5 string File MD5 text (24 character, packed base64 MD5 hash) NOetrLVnES3jUn1x5ZPVAg==
w integer Image width 1-10000 500
h integer Image height 1-10000 500
tn_w integer Thumbnail width 1-250 250
tn_h integer Thumbnail height 1-250 250
filedeleted integer File deleted? 0 (no), 1 (yes) 0
spoiler integer Spoiler image? 0 (no), 1 (yes) 0
custom_spoiler integer Custom spoilers? 1-99 3
omitted_posts integer # replies omitted 1-10000 33
omitted_images integer # image replies omitted 1-10000 21
replies integer # replies total 0-99999 231
images integer # images total 0-99999 132
bumplimit integer Bump limit met? 0 (no), 1 (yes) 0
imagelimit integer Image limit met? 0 (no), 1 (yes) 1
capcode_replies array Capcode user replies? array of capcode type and post IDs {"admin":[1234,1267]}
last_modified integer Time when last modified UNIX timestamp 1344571233
tag string Thread tag text Loop
semantic_url string Thread URL slug text daily-programming-thread
since4pass integer Year 4chan Pass bought 4 digit year (YYYY) 2016

Note the following attributes are optional:
sticky closed archived (only displays on OPs when true)
archived_on (only displays on OPs when archived is true)
id (only displays when board has DISPLAY_ID set)
name (only displays if name is present, which is always unless there is a blank name and tripcode)
trip (only displays if tripcode is present)
sub (only displays if subject is present)
com (only displays if comment is present)
capcode (only displays when using a capcode)
country country_name (only displays when board uses country flags)
filename (only displays when image uploaded)
ext (only displays when image uploaded)
fsize (only displays when image uploaded)
md5 (only displays when image uploaded)
w (only displays when image uploaded)
h (only displays when image uploaded)
tn_w (only displays when image uploaded)
tn_h (only displays when image uploaded)
filedeleted (only displays when image uploaded)
spoiler (only displays when image uploaded)
custom_spoiler (only display on OPs, only displays when board has custom spoiler images)
omitted_posts (only displays on OPs on index pages)
omitted_images (only displays on OPs on index pages)
replies (only displays on OPs)
images (only displays on OPs)
bumplimit (only displays on OPs when true)
imagelimit (only displays on OPs when true)
capcode_replies (only displays on /q/ when there are capcode user replies)
last_modified (only displayed in threads.json, and includes replies, deletions, and sticky/closed changes)
tag (only displays on /f/)
semantic_url (only displays on OPs)
since4pass (only when 4chan Pass owner enters since4pass into Options field)

Note about custom spoilers:
custom_spoiler describes the number of custom spoilers that exist for the specified board. If the number is 4, it means that you can choose anywhere from 1 to 4. For our imageboard pages, the custom spoiler images changes every time a new post is made. If you are writing a browser add-on with auto-update functionality, you should first check the HTML to see if a custom spoiler has been posted, and use the same number, so when new spoiler posts come in, they match the pre-existing ones. If there are no custom spoilers already in a thread, you can just random whatever you'd like, since there is no need to match pre-existing ones.

Where are the files?

Boards: http(s)://
Indexes: http(s)://[2-10] (# of pages varies per board, omit number for directory root)

Threads: http(s)://
Replies: http(s)://

Images: http(s)://
Thumbnails: http(s)://

Spoiler image: http(s)://
Custom spoilers: http(s)://``custom_spoiler.png

Closed thread icon: http(s)://
Sticky thread icon: http(s)://
Admin capcode icon: http(s)://
Mod capcode icon: http(s)://
Manager capcode icon: http(s)://
Developer capcode icon: http(s)://
Founder capcode icon: http(s)://
File deleted (for OPs): http(s)://
File deleted (for replies): http(s)://

Country flags: http(s)://
/pol/ country flags: http(s)://


To view a pretty-printed version of our thread, index, and catalog JSON, use JSONLint.