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4chan JS


In 2004, our very own DamageInc created the first 4chan extension as a Firefox add-on. Now, we've implemented these features directly into the site, open sourced it, and invite the community to contribute code and feedback.

In addition, we offer a read-only JSON API that you can read more about here.

Bugs and feature requests should be submitted to the repo's Issues page.

This code is released under a 3-clause BSD license, available here.

Many thanks to desuwa of The Yotsuba Catalog for being a total badass, and almost single-handedly bringing this project to fruition.

Thanks also to DamageInc for creating the original 4chan browser add-on, and to aeosynth (creator) and MayhemYDG (former maintainer) of 4chan X, for providing inspiration.