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(ns foreclojure.utils
(:require [sandbar.stateful-session :as session]
[ring.util.response :as response]
[foreclojure.config :as config]
[clojure.walk :as walk]
[clojure.string :as string]
[foreclojure.git :as git]
[ :as hiccup])
(:import [ URLEncoder]
[org.apache.commons.mail HtmlEmail])
(:use [hiccup.core :only [html]]
[ :only [doctype javascript-tag link-to]]
[hiccup.form-helpers :only [label]]
[useful.fn :only [to-fix]]
[somnium.congomongo :only [fetch-one]]
[foreclojure.config :only [config repo-url]]))
(def ^{:dynamic true} *url* nil)
(defn wrap-uri-binding [handler]
(fn [req]
(binding [*url* (:uri req)]
(handler req))))
(defn as-int [s]
(if (integer? s) s,
(try (Integer. s)
(catch Exception _ nil))))
(defmacro assuming
"Guard body with a series of tests. Each clause is a test-expression
followed by a failure value. Tests will be performed in order; if
each test succeeds, then body is evaluated. Otherwise, fail-expr is
evaluated with the symbol 'why bound to the failure value associated
with the failing test."
[[& clauses] body & [fail-expr]]
`(if-let [[~'why]
~@(mapcat (fn [[test fail-value]]
[`(not ~test) [fail-value]])
(partition 2 clauses)))]
(defprotocol PageWriter
"Specify how an object should be converted to the {:title \"foo\" :content
[:div ...] :baz-attr true} format used by def-page for rendering pages."
(page-attributes [this]))
(extend-protocol PageWriter
;; Supplied map should be used verbatim
(page-attributes [this] this)
;; User probably just returned a Hiccup structure; shove it into :content
(page-attributes [this]
{:content this})
;; Allow to return nothing at all so Compojure keeps looking
(page-attributes [this] nil))
(let [defaults {:content nil
:title "4clojure"
:fork-banner false}]
(defn rendering-info [attributes]
(into defaults attributes)))
(defn maybe-update
"Acts like clojure.core/update-in, except that if the value being assoc'd in
is nil, then instead the key is dissoc'd entirely."
([m ks f]
(let [[k & ks] ks
inner (get m k)
v (if ks
(maybe-update inner ks f)
(f inner))]
(if v
(assoc m k v)
(dissoc m k))))
([m ks f & args]
(maybe-update m ks #(apply f % args))))
(defn login-url
([] (login-url *url*))
(str "/login?location=" (URLEncoder/encode location))))
(defn login-link
([] (login-link "Log in" *url*))
([text] (login-link text *url*))
([text location]
(link-to (login-url location)
;; Assuming that it will always need SSL. Will make it more flexible later.
(defn send-email [{:keys [from to subject html text reply-to]}]
(let [{:keys [host port user pass]} config
base (doto (HtmlEmail.)
(.setHostName host)
(.setSSL true)
(.setFrom from)
(.setSubject subject)
(.setAuthentication user pass))]
(when html
(.setHtmlMsg base html))
(when text
(.setTextMsg base text))
(doseq [person to]
(.addTo base person))
(doseq [person reply-to]
(.addReplyTo base person))
(.send base)))
(defn from-mongo [data]
(walk/postwalk (to-fix float? int)
(defn get-user [username]
(fetch-one :users :where {:user username})))
(defmacro with-user [[user-binding] & body]
`(if-let [username# (session/session-get :user)]
(let [~user-binding (get-user username#)]
[:span.error "You must " (login-link) " to do this."]))
(defn flash-fn [type]
(fn [url msg]
(session/flash-put! type msg)
(response/redirect url)))
(def flash-error (flash-fn :error))
(def flash-msg (flash-fn :message))
(defn user-attribute [attr]
(fn [username]
(attr (from-mongo
(fetch-one :users
:where {:user username}
:only [attr])))))
(def get-solved (comp set (user-attribute :solved)))
(def approver? (user-attribute :approver))
(defn can-submit? [username]
(or (approver? username)
(and (:problem-submission config)
(>= (count (get-solved username))
(:advanced-user-count config)))))
(let [prefix (str (when-let [host config/static-host]
(str "http://" host))
(defn static-url [url]
(str prefix url)))
(let [version-suffix (str "__" git/tag)]
(defn add-version-number [file]
(let [[_ path ext] (re-find #"(.*)\.(.*)$" file)]
(str path version-suffix "." ext)))
(defn strip-version-number [file]
(string/replace file version-suffix "")))
(letfn [(wrap-versioning [f]
(fn [& files]
(for [file files]
(f (static-url (add-version-number file))))))]
(def js (wrap-versioning hiccup/include-js))
(def css (wrap-versioning hiccup/include-css)))
(defn image-builder
"Return a function for constructing an [:img] element from a keyword.
data should be a map from image \"names\" to pairs [src, alt]. The function
returned by image-builder will look up its argument as an image name, and
return an img element with the appropriate src and alt attributes.
Optionally, additional keyword arguments :alt and :src may be supplied to
image-builder - these functions will be called to transform the alt and src
attributes of the returned img."
[data & {:keys [alt src] :or {alt identity, src identity}}]
(fn [key]
(let [[src-prop alt-prop] (get data key)]
[:img {:src (static-url (src src-prop))
:alt (alt alt-prop)}])))
(defn form-row [[type name info value]]
[:td (label name info)]
[:td (type name value)]])
(defn row-class [x]
{:class (if (even? x)
(defn rank-class [x]
{:class (if (even? x)
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