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(ns foreclojure.login
(:require [sandbar.stateful-session :as session]
[ring.util.response :as response])
(:import [org.jasypt.util.password StrongPasswordEncryptor])
(:use [hiccup.form-helpers :only [form-to label text-field password-field check-box]]
[foreclojure.utils :only [from-mongo flash-error flash-msg with-user form-row assuming send-email login-url]]
[foreclojure.template :only [def-page content-page]]
[compojure.core :only [defroutes GET POST]]
[ :only [keyed]]
[clojail.core :only [thunk-timeout]]
[clojure.stacktrace :only [print-cause-trace]]
[somnium.congomongo :only [update! fetch-one]]))
(def login-box
(form-to [:post "/login"]
[:td (label :user "Username")]
[:td (text-field :user)]]
[:td (label :pwd "Password")]
[:td (password-field :pwd)]]
[:td [:button {:type "submit"} "Log In"]]]
[:a {:href "/login/reset"} "Forgot your password?"]]]]))
(def-page my-login-page [location]
(if location (session/session-put! :login-to location))
{:title "4clojure - login"
{:main login-box})}))
(defn do-login [user pwd]
(let [user (.toLowerCase user)
{db-pwd :pwd} (from-mongo (fetch-one :users :where {:user user}))
location (session/session-get :login-to)]
(if (and db-pwd (.checkPassword (StrongPasswordEncryptor.) pwd db-pwd))
(do (update! :users {:user user}
{:$set {:last-login (java.util.Date.)}}
:upsert false) ; never create new users accidentally
(session/session-put! :user user)
(session/session-delete-key! :login-to)
(response/redirect (or location "/problems")))
(flash-error "/login" "Error logging in."))))
(def-page reset-password-page []
{:title "Reset password"
[:h3 "Forgot your password?"]
[:div "Enter your email address and we'll send you a new password."]
[:span.error (session/flash-get :error)]
(form-to [:post "/login/reset"]
(label :email "Email")
(text-field :email)
[:button {:type "submit"} "Reset!"])]]]})
(let [pw-chars "abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvxyzABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXY1234567890"]
(defn random-pwd []
(let [pw (apply str
(repeatedly 10 #(rand-nth pw-chars)))
hash (.encryptPassword (StrongPasswordEncryptor.) pw)]
(keyed [pw hash]))))
(defn try-to-email [email name id]
(let [{:keys [pw hash]} (random-pwd)]
(fn []
(update! :users
{:_id id}
{:$set {:pwd hash}})
{:from ""
:to [email]
:subject "Password reset"
(str "The password for your account "
name " has been reset to " pw ". Make sure to change it"
" soon at - pick"
" something you'll remember!")})
{:success true})
10 :sec)
(catch Throwable t
{:success false, :exception t,
:message (.getMessage t),
:trace (with-out-str
(binding [*err* *out*]
(print-cause-trace t)))
:pw pw, :hash hash}))))
(defn do-reset-password! [email]
(if-let [{id :_id, name :user} (fetch-one :users
:where {:email email}
:only [:_id :user])]
(let [{:keys [success] :as diagnostics} (try-to-email email name id)]
(if success
(do (session/session-put! :login-to "/login/update")
(flash-msg (login-url "/login/update")
"Your password has been reset! You should receive an email soon."))
(do (spit (str name ".pwd") diagnostics)
(flash-error "/login/reset"
(str "Something went wrong emailing your new password! Please contact <a href=' Reset: " name "'></a> - we'll reset it manually and look into the problem. When you do, please mention your username.")))))
(flash-error "/login/reset"
"We don't know anyone with that email address!")))
(defroutes login-routes
(GET "/login" [location] (my-login-page location))
(POST "/login" {{:strs [user pwd]} :form-params}
(do-login user pwd))
(GET "/login/reset" [] (reset-password-page))
(POST "/login/reset" [email]
(do-reset-password! email))
(GET "/logout" []
(do (session/session-delete-key! :user)
(response/redirect "/"))))
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