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(ns foreclojure.register
(:import [org.jasypt.util.password StrongPasswordEncryptor])
(:use [foreclojure.utils]
(hiccup [form-helpers]))
(:require [sandbar.stateful-session :as session]
(ring.util [response :as response])))
(defn form-row [[type name info]]
[:td (label name info)]
[:td (type name)]])
(def-page register-page []
[:div {:class "error"} (session/flash-get :error)]
(form-to [:post "/register"]
(map form-row
[[text-field :user "Username (4-12 chars.)"]
[password-field :pwd "Password (7-12 chars.)"]
[password-field :repeat-pwd "Repeat Password"]
[text-field :email "Email"]])
[:td (submit-button {:type "image" :src "/register.png"} "Register")]]]))
(defn do-register [user pwd repeat-pwd email]
(assuming [(nil? (fetch-one :users :where {:user user}))
"User already exists",
(< 3 (.length user) 13)
"Username must be 4-12 characters long",
(= user
(first (re-seq #"[A-Za-z0-9_]+" user)))
"Username must be alphanumeric"
(< 6 (.length pwd) 13)
"Password must be 7-12 characters long",
(= pwd repeat-pwd)
"Passwords don't match",
(not (empty? email))
"Please enter a valid email address"]
(insert! :users
{:user user
:pwd (.encryptPassword (StrongPasswordEncryptor.) pwd)
:email email})
(session/session-put! :user user)
(response/redirect "/"))
(flash-error why "/register")))
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