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(ns foreclojure.graphs
(:require [incanter.charts :as chart]
[incanter.core :as incanter]
[incanter.stats :as stats])
(:import [ ByteArrayInputStream
(:use [compojure.core :only [defroutes GET]]
[foreclojure.problems :only [solved-stats]]
[useful.utils :only [with-adjustments]]))
(defn un-group
"Turn a compact set of [data-point num-repetitions] pairs into a
bunch of repeated data points so that incanter will make a histogram
of them."
(apply concat (for [[x count] frequencies]
(repeat count x))))
(defn fetch-score-frequencies [problem-id]
(-> @solved-stats
(get problem-id)
(dissoc nil)))
(defn make-problem-plot [id best curr]
(let [freqs (fetch-score-frequencies id)
chart-data (un-group freqs)
[best curr] [(or best curr) (or curr best)]
chart (chart/histogram chart-data
:title (str "League scores: problem " id)
:x-label "Solution length"
:y-label "How often"
:nbins 25)]
(when best
(chart/add-pointer chart best 0
:text "your best"
:angle :ne))
(when (and curr (not= curr best))
(chart/add-pointer chart curr 0
:text "this"
:angle :ne))
(when-not (> (count freqs) 1)
(chart/add-text chart best (freqs best 0)
"Very little golfing data - chart may suck"))
(doto chart (chart/set-theme :bw))))
(defn serve-plot [plot]
(let [out (ByteArrayOutputStream.)
in (do
(incanter/save plot out)
(ByteArrayInputStream. (.toByteArray out)))]
{:response 200
:headers {"Content-Type" "image/png"}
:body in}))
(defroutes graph-routes
(GET "/leagues/golf/:id" [id best curr]
(with-adjustments #(when (seq %) (Integer/parseInt %)) [id best curr]
(serve-plot (make-problem-plot id best curr)))))