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Change default codemirror theme to 'neat'.

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1 parent 57e8c6d commit cea5b5027158a4bb54558dfe5fe0ed43c5598a26 @nbeloglazov nbeloglazov committed Sep 6, 2012
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  1. +3 −3 src/foreclojure/utils.clj
6 src/foreclojure/utils.clj
@@ -208,9 +208,9 @@
(def codemirror-themes ["ambiance" "blackboard" "cobalt" "eclipse" "elegant" "erlang-dark"
"lesser-dark" "monokai" "neat" "night" "rubyblue" "vibrant-ink" "xq-dark"])
-(def default-theme "eclipse")
+(def default-theme "neat")
(defn get-theme []
(if-user [{:keys [theme]}]
- (or theme default-theme)
- default-theme))
+ (or theme default-theme)
+ default-theme))

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