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dbyrne commented Apr 19, 2011

I think it would be more satisfying if users had specific achievements to work towards. Some achievements could have "levels" associated with them as well. For example:

"Reinventing the wheel" - Solve problems which ask you to re-implement a function from clojure.core

  • Level 1: Solve 2 problems (2^1)
  • Level 2: Solve 4 problems (2^2)
  • Level 3: Solve 8 problems (2^3)
  • Level 4: Solve 16 problems (2^4)

amalloy commented Apr 19, 2011

+1. I showed the site to a coworker of mine, and in his mock excitement at solving problem 1 he demanded to know why he hadn't gotten a badge.


amalloy commented Apr 19, 2011

Moving this to Later though - don't think it needs to be part of 0.1.0.


devn commented May 23, 2011

I love the idea. I wonder if we could tie this into coderwall somehow. Perhaps we should make our own coderwall? We need a designer IMO to build cool badges and so on, but anyway...

The simplest thing that could possibly work is what dbyrne describes in his Level (range 1 5).

0.) How do you guys feel about adding badges to the next release?
1.) What do you think of the idea of making the badges a separate project altogether?
2.) How do you guys feel about a new design in general? I have a feeling we could convince a designer or two to work on badges and/or a redesign of 4clojure. Whaddya think? Anyone open to the idea?


dbyrne commented May 23, 2011

0.) This is the next "big feature" we need to implement for sure.
1.) I am sure this is something that would be useful for other sites, if we can make it generic enough.
2.) Cool badges are a must, and we already have someone working on redesigning the logo, so thats fair game as well.


devn commented May 24, 2011

I have local designer interested in taking a stab at the design. I will make him aware this is the direction we're headed.

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