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Move to heroku? #195

amalloy opened this Issue Dec 15, 2011 · 4 comments

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amalloy commented Dec 15, 2011

I've been playing around with Heroku, and it seems like it might be better suited than our VPS since we're all fairly awful sysadmins. Our database is small enough (~14MB atm) to easily fit into a free (256MB) mongo instance. But it's not entirely clear to me what we would gain from the move, so I'm not in any huge hurry to get this done.

Raynes commented Dec 15, 2011

I'll take this. I'll get it ready to deploy to heroku when I move the stuff to 1.3 and noir (I'll be pursuing this soon).

@Raynes Raynes was assigned Dec 15, 2011
4clojure member

Nice. It certainly is very friendly to deploy to heroku using git.

4clojure member
dbyrne commented Dec 21, 2011

If someone is needed to pay the bills I am more than happy. At least I'll be able to help out in some capacity.

Raynes commented Dec 21, 2011

Our VPS doesn't really cost that much. We just want to give Heroku a go because we've had excellent experiences with it with some of our other projects and it is all way to easy to not give it a go. Plus, we have @technomancy on our side to bitch at if things go wrong. :D

It'll all be an experiment though. I'm working on a lot of experimental things at the moment.

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