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problem 128 sandbox doesn't accept solution #200

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(def regonize-card
(fn [card]
 (letfn [
  (to-suit [c]
   (case c
    \D :diamond
    \H :heart
    \C :club
    \S :spade))
  (to-val [c]
   (let [value (-> c (int) (- 50))]
    (if (< value 8) value
     (case c
      \T 8 \J 9 \Q 10 \K 11 \A 12)))) ]
  (-> {}
   (assoc :suit (to-suit (first card)))
   (assoc :rank (to-val (second card)))

(recognize-card "DQ")
(recognize-card "H5")
(recognize-card "CA")

4clojure responds with: java.lang.ClassCastException: clojure.lang.PersistentVector cannot be cast to clojure.lang.MapEntry (NO_SOURCE_FILE:0)

This code works just fine at the REPL


The sandbox doesn't allow the use of case but you're basically doing a hash-map lookup, so you can rework it like so:

(fn [card]
 (letfn [(to-suit [c]
           (get {\D :diamond
                 \H :heart
                 \C :club
                 \S :spade} c))
         (to-val [c]
           (let [value (-> c (int) (- 50))]
             (if (< value 8) value
               (get {\T 8 \J 9 \Q 10 \K 11 \A 12} c))))]
    {:suit (to-suit (first card))
     :rank (to-val (second card))}))

Hope this helps!

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