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ardumont commented Feb 8, 2012


--- Thanks for your 4clojure idea and implementation. It's way fun.

I like to compete with some of my friends.

One cool feature could be to have one page that lists the user i follow with their status and rank.

I made a shell poc (https://github.com/ardumont/sh/blob/master/read-4clojure-user-status.sh) which uses the informations you expose, here is the output:

tony@dagobah(0.09,) 20:54:39 ~ $ read-4clojure-users-status.sh
#### Retrieving data over network - 7 people
#### Result:
4clojure.com status - ardumont - 123/141.
4clojure.com status - denlab - 107/141.
4clojure.com status - cgrand - 119/141.
4clojure.com status - amalloy - 134/141.
4clojure.com status - dawidlo - 3/141.
4clojure.com status - clakech - 18/141.
4clojure.com status - massyl - 14/141.

In this example, i only take the number of problems solved.
It's not limited.

You could also add the ranks, the golf score (if you implement #85, that gives an opportunity to reuse it here)...

This evo is oriented for the end user that wants to see rapidly the status of the ones he follows.

Indeed, as of today, this is rather annoying to search for someone's status as:

  • you do not necessarily follows one in the top 100
  • the search for someone outside of the top 100 is not intuitive
  • you must do multiple searches to see all that you want

Ahah, i can see now that this may be a duplicated use case of the sort column 'following' (issue #202).

But, at the moment, though, the sorting has been deactivated for only 100 users.
The result is, you cannot see the people you follow.


amcnamara commented Feb 21, 2012

I've been meaning to tackle this for a while but it slipped to the permanent back-burner; thanks for bringing it back to my attention.

@ardumont @amalloy What about listing the users a user follows on their profile page? (should this info be private? should the user be the only one allowed to see the users they follow?). Send thoughts.

@amcnamara Hi, thanks for replying (i was beginning to think i did not know how to communicate)

I've got a pull request, #207, for this issue but it's a new page.
If i remember correctly my code, it's /user/ardumont/following that gives you the people you follow (it's read only as it's a bootstrap).
In the actual state, it's public.

I did think of adding it into the profile page but as i did not know if that would please you, i did it in a new one.


amcnamara commented Feb 21, 2012

Overhauling the profile pages has also been on my to-do list for a while now, I'm all for putting the information there (in their current state profile pages are rather useless); I just want to flush out the privacy concerns before I open up previously hidden information.

Your pull req looks solid, I'll test it out and merge it on Saturday (sorry for all the delays in communication!)

Cool. Thanks.

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