4clojure crashed when a lot of users did searches for followers #206

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Just for information:

  • We did a clojure presentation with https://github.com/inbox/notifications4clojure as the main support.
  • When the users all searched simultaneously for people to follow: 4clojure.com went down -> it may not have been just because of us, though...
  • It happens the 9th february at approx 1h PM (GMT) (could be useful for the logs) - we're in Paris, France.
  • Then Raynes kindly and rapidly rebooted the server (after notification by @denlab)

We have a bigger presentation at the end of the month, this time
we will prepare a backup server locally (any notes or advices would be



Thanks for this information.

To add, before I restarted 4Clojure I noticed it was eating up a whole core of CPU (whatever that means on a VPS). This was not the typical omgwtfimoutofmemory crash we usually experience. Something is definitely up with the searching, I think.

@amalloy ^

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