"or go back and try X again!" is inconsistent #225

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The problem is that I've never completed X before. Therefore the message to go back and try again is inconsistent with the state of X.

"Congratulations, you've solved the problem! See the solutions that the users you follow have submitted, or share this solution on github and twitter! Now you can move on to Trees into tables, or go back and try Least Common Multiple again!"

"Least Common Multiple" I never completed, but the message seems to suggest one of:
1. I did complete it before a) either it was the previous problem b) or it was completed sometime before but wasn't the previous problem
2. i did not complete it but it's the previous problem with regards to the problem I just solved, assuming they are ordered somehow ie. by problem number (as seen in the # or the url)

But none of the above is true. For example, I completed this one: http://www.4clojure.com/problem/145
and got the exact above message, where I noticed I never completed "Least Common Multiple" (number 100) or "Trees into tables"(number 146, good next), but the former is the important one.


well, upon investigating the code and doing some tests, I noticed that in fact it shows all the skipped(unsolved) problems with IDs less than the ID of the problem just solved.
So in fact, this may be desired to be as it is, except that the wording is a bit confusing (for me at least): "go back and try X again"


I wonder what this "go back and try X" feature supposed to do. What is real use case for this? May be it should only show tasks that user tried to solve but had no success.

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