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dbyrne commented May 2, 2011

We've received a lot of feedback that it is confusing to figure out what order problems should be solved in.

One potential solution is to introduce the concept of a problem "trail". A trail would be an ordered list of problems covering a specific topic. Trails would be related to tags, but having a specific order would make them more meaningful than simply searching the problem page for a tag. For instance, there are a lot of elementary problems, and they haven't necessarily been added to the site in the order they should be solved in. A problem could belong to one trail, multiple trails, or no trails at all. Example trails:

  • Introduction to Clojure
  • Recursion
  • Core Functions
  • Higher Order Functions

What do people think? Is this a good idea or a bad idea?


gigasquid commented May 2, 2011

I like the idea of at least one trail for Introduction to Clojure. After the user reaches the end of the trail - it would be nice if at the next problem that was presented - it would have some text telling them that they have reached the end of the introduction and points them to other resources to learn more Clojure before continuing.

I think this would be a nice balance for new users to get them interested in Clojure and still allowing more advanced users to enjoy the site.


gigasquid commented May 2, 2011

Also - maybe on the Getting Started page - Give new users instructions to do the Introduction trail.


dbyrne commented Sep 26, 2011

Closing this issue because I think the new sorting order on the problems page greatly improves the situation without adding the additional complexity of a "trails" concept.

dbyrne closed this Sep 26, 2011

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