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Slow Code Execution #66

dbyrne opened this Issue May 11, 2011 · 2 comments

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dbyrne commented May 11, 2011

Sometimes longer pieces of code take an unacceptably long time to execute. This seems to be related to the size of the function blacklist. The same piece of code will run fast with an empty (i.e. #{}) blacklist, but will run slow with a populated one (i.e. secure-tester). What is strange, is that the sluggish execution happens after the code is checked against the blacklist.


This prevents me from solving

Any known workarounds? Shortening the code as much as possible made matters even worse..


For me it was issue #211, so converting a for into nested map's did the trick.

@riksa riksa added a commit to riksa/fourclojure that referenced this issue Apr 5, 2015
@riksa riksa Problem 152: replaced "for" loop with a mapcat-map to work around ext…
…remely slow for execution in clojail used by 4clojure/4clojure#66 and 4clojure/4clojure#211). removed profiling.
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