corrected users test cases and added new test cases for do-register #178

merged 1 commit into from Nov 21, 2011

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I was able to use midje function mocking to test most base cases


Why are we reloading here? I'm having trouble imagining a scenario in which this is necessary.

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This is pretty awesome, thanks Creighton. I'm a little sad that we're mocking out specific error messages for flash-error - can we use anything or something like that here? OTOH, the fact that we want those messages in more than one place indicates that maybe they should be pulled out into some sort of global constant.

@amalloy amalloy merged commit 896f83c into 4clojure:develop Nov 21, 2011
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Nicely done. We should also think about putting some extra documentation in the README about running lein test to run the test cases. That way - as we build up our tests, new contributors know to run them to make sure that nothing breaks.

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@ckirkendall Very cool. Keep up the good work!

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