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From this evo i opened: #205

  • add some small tests around the existing "follow" functions
  • create a GET /user/:username/following resource to expose a page that lists the people :username follows.
    Basic page with readonly access that exposes the image, the name and the number of solved problems.



ghost commented Aug 21, 2012

is this in yet?


Raynes commented Aug 21, 2012

I don't think so. Lots of things were updated after this pull request and it can no longer be automatically merged. I'm also unclear on why he added lazytest. I don't think we want that.

Either way, @amalloy is the final word on the matter.


ghost commented Aug 26, 2012

thanks for the reply, I only wanted to know if there's a "List the people you follow" feature, this seemed to be it

Evo #205:
Create the page to list in readonly mode the people someone follows.

This is the bare minimum to list as this is a startup step.
Also, this could be moved in the user profile page.

ardumont commented Oct 9, 2012

Hi @Raynes, i missed the comments.
I did not know what the problems were.

I see now that adding the lazytest dependency was not a good idea.
So i forced a rebased version of the develop branch without it.

I'll see to it to refresh this pull request with the current develop.

ardumont commented Oct 9, 2012

Hi @Raynes @amalloy,

I've rebased the branch from the current develop (tests + manual tests ok).

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