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Replace Ace editor with Codemirror #227

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Codemirror a bit more lightweight editor. It seems to have better support for clojure. @Raynes proposed this feature. I also replaced SyntaxHiglighter with Codemirror so highlighting is consistent on the whole site. Added ability to change higlighting themes. Selected theme stored in localStorage in user's browser. One problem is how to highlight user's solution on solutions page. It was highlighted by gray background before but now user can change theme therefore we can't set background to fixed color.

Only 7 files from were actually changed. Other 24 files are added Codemirror or removed Ace/SyntaxHighlighter files.


Looking good! Few things:

I like that you've added a way to set color themes. However, I think changing it should be something you do in Account Settings. Put the the color theme changing stuff in there instead of on problem pages. What I would do is have a small codemirror box in the settings page pre-populated with some Clojure code so that users can cycle through color themes until they find one they like.

Also, instead of "High-lighting theme:", could you use "Editor theme:" instead?


@Raynes I've moved it to settings page.


Excellent work! It looks really good. One last request and I think we're good to go. Let's default to the 'neat' theme. A dark theme doesn't go with 4clojure's colors and I think 'neat' looks really good on it.

@Raynes Raynes merged commit cea5b50 into 4clojure:develop

Good stuff. Merged. Thanks a lot for taking this on. :)



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