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# Hello, I’m Anthony.
_Currently, I’m seeking full-time employment in front-end and Node.js development, either remotely or physically in the Minneapolis-Saint Paul metropolitan area. Contact me with the information in my [résumé]( below, or via [LinkedIn](
## About me
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<img src={`${assetPath}/face.jpg`} alt='Headshot of Anthony Maki' />
I’m an adept, mid-level software engineer with rich front and back-end experience across many languages, technologies, and frameworks. I have architected, implemented, and maintained DevOps practices and CI/CD processes in agile startup environments. My specialties include React, Angular, jQuery, and native JavaScript front-end development, Node.js application development, and implementation of development tooling and build processes.
My passion for technology started as latent interest at seven years old when I failed to compile a C++ “Hello World” program. Later in life, my self-taught tweaking of WordPress PHP templates as the managing editor of a student newspaper transformed my interest into a career. I seek roles at organizations who share my passion for emergent technology, provide solutions that improve everyone’s daily life, and are socially and environmentally conscious corporate citizens.
### About this site
The rewrite of my personal website is in progress. I’m using this opportunity to experiment with some of the latest technologies—some new to me, some not—such as [Next.js](, [React](, [MDX](, and [Material Components]( The features include or will soon include:
- [Immediate builds and deployments to Zeit Now]( from [commits to GitHub](, leveraging [Docker]( and [Cloudflare]( to reduce instance response time worldwide _**(live)**_
- [Strict Content Security Policy (CSP) with nonces, Feature Policy,]( and [HTTP security headers]( to limit attack surface _**(live)**_
- [Server-Side Rendering (SSR)]( to increase rendering performance, reduce roundtrips, provide gracefully degraded experience for users who disable JavaScript, and ensure consistent SEO _**(live)**_
- [Markdown mixed with JSX]( for static pages [(including this one)]( and a future blog _**(live)**_
- [Structured Data via JSON-LD]( which will eventually result in richer content in search results _**(live)**_
- [HTTP Strict Transport Security (HSTS)]( with [certificates auto-generated by LetsEncrypt]( using TLS 1.3 and other standards to [give users trusted connection with authentic source]( _**(live)**_
- [Compression]( with [`brotli` format]( to further reduce page weight _**(live)**_
- [Progressive Web Application]( to enable offline use and near-native user experience across many platforms _**(live)**_
- [Full HTTPS support]( in local development environment _**(live)**_
- [Caching SSRed responses on the server]( to further reduce response time and CPU usage _**(live)**_
- More detailed Google Analytics reporting with Autotrack
- Live feed of my GitHub activity and possibly other data
- Self-implemented commenting system in forthcoming blog
- Logging of Report-URI endpoints and debug logging
- Use of Commitizen and `all-contributors` for better commits and changelogs
- Auto-generated `sitemap.xml`, `robots.txt`, and RSS feed
- New app logo, favicon, etc.
- More...?
Please check back soon!
#### Links
- [GitHub](
- [LinkedIn](
- [Keybase](
- [Twitter](
- [Résumé](
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