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4D Depot Repository by Theme

The list of 4D Depot repositories sorted by theme.

There are several categories of Repository:

  • Example Application (EA) - Full example 4D application
  • How Do I demonstration (HDI) - Simple demonstration of a new 4D feature
  • Play in Qodly Studio (PIQS) - Simple demonstration of a new feature in Qodly Studio for 4D
  • Webinar example (Webinar)- 4D example used in a webinar. The videos are available on the Webinar playlist on the 4D Software YouTube channel.

Table of Contents

4D NetKit

4D NetKit is a built-in 4D component that allows you to interact with third-party web services and their APIs, such as Microsoft Graph, Google REST API.

4D View Pro

4D View Pro is a 4D component that includes a 4D form area and specific methods. It allows you to embed advanced spreadsheet features in your projects.

4D Write Pro

4D Write Pro is a powerful template-based document generator system entirely programmable and fully integrated into 4D.


Import Export





Creating, sending, or receiving emails in 4D is available.


Gmail API

Microsoft GRAPH API

Example application


Form object




ORDA, which stands for Object Relational Data Access, is an innovative way of accessing data that combines the advantages of object-oriented programming with those of relational databases.

Programming features

Qodly studio for 4D

Qodly Studio is part of the Qodly platform, dedicated to the development of web business applications designed, tested and published entirely in the Qodly Cloud.



User class

The 4D language supports the concept of classes. In a programming language, using a class allows you to define an object behaviour with associated properties and functions.


4D in local mode, 4D in remote mode, and 4D Server include a web server engine that enables you to design and publish powerful web applications that can make the most of your 4D databases.