Generic Flex Ant build script.
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Generic Flex Ant build script.

It compiles src/*.{as,mxml} using the SWCs in lib/ and put the generated SWF files in the bin/ folder. If no src files are found at the top-level, it assumes it is an archive and compiles a SWC.

The ASDoc is generated in asdoc/. The FlexUnit classes are in test/ and Mockolate is available, results including code audit (with FlexPMD, FlexCPD and FlexMetrics) are written to test-reports/. You can use the publish target, but make sure ant-jsch.jar and jsch.jar (available in lib) are in your Ant library path.

It is convention based but you can be configured with a and build-config.xml in your project root directory.

Install in a subfolder, eg:

git submodule add build

It can can be extended with your own targets using Ant import/include tasks. Eg. create a build.xml in the root of the project (next to build folder):

<project default="compile">
    <import file="build/build.xml" />
    <target name="hello">