Arduino Library for 4D Systems Serial Environement for Goldelox
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Arduino Library for 4D Systems Serial Environment for Goldelox based modules


This library is provided with the installation of Workshop 4 from 4D Systems, however can be downloaded here for people who do not run Windows. This library provides high level functions for the Arduino, to ease communication with Goldelox based modules when using the module configured for Serial. Please refer to the 4D Systems website, namingly the Workshop 4 Product Page, for documentation regarding Workshop 4, and its environments.


Library should be placed in the C:\Users(User name)\My Documents\Arduino\Libraries\ folder, or equivalent. (restart the IDE if already open)

For more information on the installation, please refer to [Installing Additional Arduino Libraries] (

Example Sketch

The BigDemo example is provided inside the library examples folder. Please load and compile the BigDemo sketch to run a large demo, demonstrating a majority of the functions and features the library provides.


Please sign up for our Forum and ask a question there, or submit a Tech Support Ticket from our website. or