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4DSerial - Library for 4D Systems Serial Environment.
Released into the public domain.
#ifndef Goldelox_Serial_4DLib_h
#define Goldelox_Serial_4DLib_h
#if (ARDUINO >= 100)
#include "Arduino.h" // for Arduino 1.0
#include "WProgram.h" // for Arduino 23
#define Err4D_OK 0
#define Err4D_Timeout 1
#define Err4D_NAK 2 // other than ACK received
#include "Goldelox_Types4D.h" // Defines for 4dgl constants, generated by conversion of 4DGL constants to target language
#include "Goldelox_Const4DSerial.h" // Defines for 4dgl constants, generated by conversion of 4DGL constants to target language
#include "Goldelox_Const4D.h" // Defines for 4dgl constants, generated by conversion of 4DGL constants to target language
#include <string.h>
#define DEC 10
#define HEX 16
#define OCT 8
#define BIN 2
typedef void (*Tcallback4D)(int, unsigned char);
class Goldelox_Serial_4DLib
Goldelox_Serial_4DLib(Stream * virtualPort);
Tcallback4D Callback4D ;
//Compound 4D Routines
void blitComtoDisplay(word X, word Y, word Width, word Height, t4DByteArray Pixels) ;
void gfx_BGcolour(word Color) ;
void gfx_ChangeColour(word OldColor, word NewColor) ;
void gfx_Circle(word X, word Y, word Radius, word Color) ;
void gfx_CircleFilled(word X, word Y, word Radius, word Color) ;
void gfx_Clipping(word OnOff) ;
void gfx_ClipWindow(word X1, word Y1, word X2, word Y2) ;
void gfx_Cls(void) ;
void gfx_Contrast(word Contrast) ;
void gfx_FrameDelay(word Msec) ;
void gfx_Line(word X1, word Y1, word X2, word Y2, word Color) ;
void gfx_LinePattern(word Pattern) ;
void gfx_LineTo(word X, word Y) ;
void gfx_MoveTo(word X, word Y) ;
void gfx_OutlineColour(word Color) ;
void gfx_Polygon(word n, t4DWordArray Xvalues, t4DWordArray Yvalues, word Color) ;
void gfx_Polyline(word n, t4DWordArray Xvalues, t4DWordArray Yvalues, word Color) ;
void gfx_PutPixel(word X, word Y, word Color) ;
void gfx_Rectangle(word X1, word Y1, word X2, word Y2, word Color) ;
void gfx_RectangleFilled(word X1, word Y1, word X2, word Y2, word Color) ;
void gfx_ScreenMode(word ScreenMode) ;
void gfx_Set(word Func, word Value) ;
void gfx_Transparency(word OnOff) ;
void gfx_TransparentColour(word Color) ;
void gfx_Triangle(word X1, word Y1, word X2, word Y2, word X3, word Y3, word Color) ;
void media_Image(word X, word Y) ;
void media_SetAdd(word Hiword, word Loword) ;
void media_SetSector(word Hiword, word Loword) ;
void media_Video(word X, word Y) ;
void media_VideoFrame(word X, word Y, word Framenumber) ;
void pokeB(word Address, word ByteValue) ;
void pokeW(word Address, word wordValue) ;
void putCH(word wordChar) ;
void print(const __FlashStringHelper *);
void print(const String &);
void print(const char[]);
void print(char);
void print(unsigned char, int = DEC);
void print(int, int = DEC);
void print(unsigned int, int = DEC);
void print(long, int = DEC);
void print(unsigned long n, int = DEC);
void print(double, int = 2);
void println(const __FlashStringHelper *);
void println(const String &);
void println(const char[]);
void println(char);
void println(unsigned char, int = DEC);
void println(int, int = DEC);
void println(unsigned int, int = DEC);
void println(long, int = DEC);
void println(unsigned long, int = DEC);
void println(double, int = 2);
void setbaudWait(word Newrate) ;
void SSMode(word Parm) ;
void SSSpeed(word Speed) ;
void SSTimeout(word Seconds) ;
void txt_Attributes(word Attribs) ;
void txt_BGcolour(word Color) ;
void txt_Bold(word Bold) ;
void txt_FGcolour(word Color) ;
void txt_FontID(word FontNumber) ;
void txt_Height(word Multiplier) ;
void txt_Inverse(word Inverse) ;
void txt_Italic(word Italic) ;
void txt_MoveCursor(word Line, word Column) ;
void txt_Opacity(word TransparentOpaque) ;
void txt_Set(word Func, word Value) ;
void txt_Underline(word Underline) ;
void txt_Width(word Multiplier) ;
void txt_Xgap(word Pixels) ;
void txt_Ygap(word Pixels) ;
void BeeP(word Note, word Duration) ;
word charheight(char TestChar) ;
word charwidth(char TestChar) ;
word gfx_GetPixel(word X, word Y) ;
word gfx_Orbit(word Angle, word Distance, word * Xdest, word * Ydest) ;
void gfx_SetClipRegion(void) ;
word joystick(void) ;
word media_Flush(void) ;
word media_Init(void) ;
word media_ReadByte(void) ;
word media_ReadWord(void) ;
word media_WriteByte(word Byte) ;
word media_WriteWord(word word) ;
word peekB(word Address) ;
word peekW(word Address) ;
void putstr(char * InString) ;
word sys_GetModel(char * ModelStr) ;
word sys_GetPmmC(void) ;
word sys_GetVersion(void) ;
void GetAck(void);
//4D Global Variables Used
int Error4D; // Error indicator, used and set by Intrinsic routines
unsigned char Error4D_Inv; // Error byte returned from com port, onl set if error = Err_Invalid
// int Error_Abort4D; // if true routines will abort when detecting an error
unsigned long TimeLimit4D; // time limit in ms for total serial command duration, 2000 (2 seconds) should be adequate for most commands
// assuming a reasonable baud rate AND low latency AND 0 for the Serial Delay Parameter
// temporary increase might be required for very long (bitmap write, large image file opens)
// or indeterminate (eg file_exec, file_run, file_callFunction) commands
Stream * _virtualPort;
//Intrinsic 4D Routines
void WriteChars(char * charsout);
void WriteBytes(char * Source, int Size);
void WriteWords(word * Source, int Size);
void getbytes(char * data, int size);
word GetWord(void);
void getString(char * outStr, int strLen);
word GetAckResp(void);
word GetAckRes2Words(word * word1, word * word2);
void GetAck2Words(word * word1, word * word2);
word GetAckResStr(char * OutStr);
// word GetAckResData(t4DByteArray OutData, word size);
void SetThisBaudrate(int Newrate);
void printNumber(unsigned long, uint8_t);
void printFloat(double number, uint8_t digits);
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