C Library for 4D Systems Serial Environment for Goldelox
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C Library for 4D Systems Serial Environment for Goldelox based modules


This library is provided with the installation of Workshop 4 from 4D Systems, however can be downloaded here for people who do not run Windows. This library provides high level functions for C based platforms, to ease communication with Goldelox based modules when using the module configured for Serial. Please refer to the 4D Systems website, namingly the Workshop 4 Product Page, for documentation regarding Workshop 4, and its environments.

Note - this library may need porting to your specific platform as not all C platforms are alike.

Example Program

Please load and compile the BigDemo program to run a large demo, demonstrating a majority of the functions and features the library provides.


Please sign up for our Forum and ask a question there, or submit a Tech Support Ticket from our website. http://forum.4dsystems.com.au or http://www.4dsystems.com.au/support