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ViSi-Genie-Arduino-Demo-Calculator - UPDATED 31-Mar-2014

Arduino Calculator Demo for the 4D Systems ViSi-Genie Environment


This demo is to be used with the ViSi-Genie-Arduino-Library. Please copy the library over to your PC prior to attempting to use this Demo. Make sure you are running the latest library, as changes were made 31-Mar-2014 to both this demo and to the library. This demo is the same Calculator demo available for the Raspberry Pi, which can even talk to the same ViSi-Genie application as the Raspberry Pi.


Please copy the 'calculator' folder into your C:\Users(User name)\My Documents\Arduino\ folder (restart the IDE if already open). Open up the Arduino IDE, and select the Calculator sketch from the list of Sketches in your Sketchbook, compile and download to your Arduino.

Copy the contents of the '' file to somewhere on your computer, and open the ViSi-Genie application up from Workshop 4. Connect your 4D Systems display to your PC using the 4D Systems Programming Cable (This demo has been created for use with the uLCD-32PTU). Load the calculator ViSi-Genie application onto the display as per any other ViSi-Genie application. Please refer to the 4D Systems website, namingly the Workshop 4 Product Page, and read about ViSi-Genie from the documentation provided. Connect the 4D Systems display to your Arduino, and reset the Arduino. The calculator demo should now run.


Please watch the video of this demo in action, on Youtube: