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Simple File/Directory Chooser for Android

####Description: It's based on dialog fragment so min api is 11+ by default. All styles are like current system theme.

There are 3 callbacks:

  • onFileChosen(File file): user clicks OK and file is chosen. file = selected file
  • onDirectoryChosen(File directory): user clicks OK and file is not chosen. directory = current directory
  • onCancel(): user clicks Cancel. void

####Usage: Now available at jCenter and Maven Central! Just add line to build.gradle:

dependencies {
    compile 'com.4ert:sfcdialog:0.1.1'

Like any other DialogFragment:

SimpleFileChooser sfcDialog = new SimpleFileChooser();

sfcDialog.setOnChosenListener(new SimpleFileChooser.SimpleFileChooserListener() {
    public void onFileChosen(File file) {
        // File is chosen

    public void onDirectoryChosen(File directory) {
        // Directory is chosen

    public void onCancel() {
        // onCancel
});, "SimpleFileChooserDialog");


  • setShowHidden(boolean showHidden): show/hide hidden files/directories. default = true
  • setRootPath(String rootPath): sets root path. default = external storage